What the heat pump is?

The heat pump device which pumps heat from a hot reservoir (referred to as source) located at a low temperature sink (usually air or water) which is located at a higher temperature of either (a) by the use of mechanical work or (b ) with the aid of a hot tank very high temperature.

Marking and ISO

The CE marking on a product certifies that the product complies with the requirements laid down by Community law and indicates that the product can be lawfully placed on the market. The responsibility of compliance of the product and therefore the CE marking has the kataskefastis.Ola our products are certified with ISO 9001: 2008



                                                  Technical Features


Measurement conditions:

1) Heating: Outdoor temperature 7 ° C, water inlet temperature 40 ° C, water outlet temperature 45 ° C.

2) Heating: Outdoor temperature 20 ° C, water inlet temperature 20 ° C, water outlet temperature 80 ° C.


                 SWBH 13-with IOT                                                   SWBH-13 with IOT                                                SWBH 13-80V                                                   SWBH-15.0withoutIOT        




    SWBH26-2set                                                               SWBH26-2set                                      


Manual Series Grey SWBH

SWBH 8 SWBH15 manual 2018SWBH13 SWBH26 manual 2018